Automobile Insurance

You can purchase automobile insurance just about anywhere these days but...Do you really know what you are insured for? Or, what happens to your premium or renewal when you do have an accident, claim, or a ticket? What happens when you really need your policy?

Whether you're insuring your family sedan or an exotic luxury car, you will appreciate our experience, our thoughtful advice, and common sense approach. Annual premium costs are certainly important but not at the risk of an uninsured loss, due to inappropriate coverage, or extreme premium consequences at renewal, in the event of an accident, ticket, or other rating factor, which can result in much higher long-term costs.

Along with highly competitive premiums, at Insuraxx Insurance, we will help you understand your automobile insurance and the options available. The future is unpredictable and even the very best drivers can have an accident or ticket.

Arranging a policy that provides the most suitable coverage and the most reasonable rating flexibility, in the event of a claim, ticket, or other rating factor, and combined with diligent loss management, is certainly the best way of keeping present and future insurance costs at a minimum.

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Property Insurance

Your home and personal property is likely your most prized possession often representing a lifetime worth of hard work and sacrifice. It's loss would be devastating! A properly structured insurance plan will help ease the financial burden of such a tragedy.

Trusting this important protection to the professionals at Insuraxx Insurance means you will get caring, thoughtful advice and the right coverage arranged through dependable and financially capable insurance companies. We will review your specific and individual requirements and help you decide on a plan of protection that will help ensure your loss is properly compensated, should you be so unfortunate.

Whether your home is 2,000 square feet or 20,000, modest or magnificent, we can tailor a plan that will deliver the security you need at premiums that will be easy on your budget.

What about my valuables? No problem - $10,000 or $500,000 - at Insuraxx Insurance, we have the facilities to insure even the most expensive jewellery, the rarest paintings, the most exotic collections, and the finest wines.

With the availability of liability limits up to $10,000,000, flexible deductibles, too many discounts to list, just about every type of payment plan, and highly competitive premiums, you can rest assured that Insuraxx Insurance will make sure your home insurance requirements are properly taken care of!

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Business Solutions

To help ensure their success, most business owners recognize the need to have knowledgeable insurance advisors on their team - Insurance professionals who understand their business and who can offer top of the line financial protection, prompt, considerate service, expert advice, competitive terms and premiums, and financially responsible insurance companies. We specialize in full-account services and in delivering cost-effective, dependable, insurance planning and risk management services in several areas including:

  • Manufacturing & Processing
    Metal industries, consumer goods, food products, printers etc.
  • Wholesale & Distribution
    General goods, food and beverage, household goods, clothing, etc.
  • Hospitality & Food Services
    specializing in Fine Dining restaurant establishments
  • Contractors
    Programs for general contractors, sub-contractors - commercial and residential.
  • Real Estate
    Industrial, Offices, Plazas, single or multi-locations
  • Transportation
    Auto, Cargo, CGL, Ocean & Air, Import & Export
  • Information Technology
    Computer Services, consultants, software developers, etc.
  • Automobile
    Fleets, Garage, Dealerships
  • Offices, Services, and Professions
    Medical offices, clinics, personal services, etc.
  • Retail
    Single stores, franchises, multi-locations
  • Specialty Lines
    Directors and Officers, Bonding, Errors and Omissions, Pollution/Environmental, Trade Credit Insurance, Boiler & Machinery/Equipment Breakdown, and more.

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